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~ :iconbudou-no-toshi: ~

Name: Ohsaka, Kotone.

Nickname: To be added~

Gender: Female.

Weight: 51.3kg / 113.1lbs.

Birthday: March 4th

Blood type: O.

Height: 160cm / 5'3.

Age: 16.

Grade: I.


Personality: Competitive||Imaginative||Generally kind||Naive||Impulsive||Stubborn||Optimistic||Determined
         + Throughout her childhood, Kotone tended to have someone by her side at all times, be it a friend or her brother. She's never really experienced being alone. She still has this frame of mind that everyone could be friends, if they wanted to, although inside, she knows it's impossible. The competitive nature which came out during middle school also caused her to begin making decisions a lot quicker, and often on a whim, sometimes ending up in her favour, and sometimes not. The nature also drew out a stubborn side of the girl, not wanting to lose to anyone. She is a rather sore loser, but will try her hardest not to have to show this side- aka, to win. She will look down on those who turn to cheating however, as she believes that if they are to win it should be through fair play. Over time, her optimism has just grown and grown, to such lengths that she will willingly cheer people on-- Providing they are on her side.

         + Classical music
         + Hot Chocolate
         + Spring
         + Stars
         + Pandas
         + Horror films
         + Strawberries

         + Physical conflict
         + Tea
         + Spiders
         + Storms
         + Apples
         + Dancing
         + Caramel

         + Born in Koshu to a small family with one other child, Kotone always really had someone to talk to, and someone she could depend on. As a child she enjoyed having Daichi cling to her; it only caused her to feel closer to him, as opposed to being annoyed by him. The frequently received piano lessons from a family friend starting at a very young age but, as with most kids, wasn't exactly very co-ordinated with it at first.
         + Elementary school was easy enough for her, being a rather bubbly child. She did make friends easily enough, and was happy enough to talk to anyone. At this point in her life, there was no competition. Everyone, by her view, was friends, and there was no point in questioning that friendship. Always in high spirits, getting her down was difficult, and too often she would submit to another child if they wanted a toy which she had. To her, it was more important that they were all happy. Even at this time her relationship with Daichi was good, and the pair would often build forts together with pillows and blankets, to play within.
         + Middle school really opened her eyes to what a lot of the world was like. It wasn't as easy to make friends as initially thought, and people changed often. No one was willing to go along with what everyone thought any more. Although still cheerful, she did tone down the naivety slightly-- though only slightly. She still wanted to believe everyone was nice, even though obviously it wasn't true. During middle school she attempted various sports and clubs, not really finding anything 'for her', and yet the competitive edge came into play. When she did join something she was dedicated to it, and refused to back down from any challenge she was given.
         + Come high school, Kotone's skills with the piano had grown a lot, although she was still far from being absolutely amazing. Sure, she could play many songs, but there was still limitations. Admiring her brother for dealing with the hardships of his grades dropping and such, she refused to let her own slide. It was more wanting to impress him than wanting to impress her parents. She joined the volleyball club, it being a sport that she hadn't tried, and found herself to be good enough at it that she could actually try to compete with the school. Despite being rather short, or at least shorter than she would like, she does try to put her all into playing the sport, but like anyone is far from prone to making mistakes. Fortunately for her, she had enough time for these activities, not needing to have a job or anything, but still manages to keep enough time free for friends and the like.

         + Ohsaka, Renshu - Father
         + Hayashi, Kaoru - Mother
         + Ohsaka, Daichi- Older brother. She respects him and strives to impress him more than her parents. In a way, she idolises him for managing to get through the stage in which his grades dropped, but will not say this to him.
         + Nishiwaki, Kameyo- Friend met through her brother. More to be added.
         + Nishiwaki, Tatsuo- Friend met through her brother. More to be added.

Additional Info:
         + Allergic to tomatoes
         + She will sometimes sing along while playing the piano, and isn't too bad at it, but at the same time, isn't the best
         + She can't cook. She'll burn whatever it is if it can be burnt somehow.
         + Her dislike of thunder and lightning has been something that stemmed from when she was younger, and she can't pinpoint the cause of it. But because of it, if the forecast is a storm and it is obvious that it is at least going to rain, she will try her best to avoid having to go outside, and will instead stick to her brother, or stay in her room.
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